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Word on the fashion streets is that stripes are going to be a huge trend this spring. While stripes can easily be a hit or miss when it comes to fashion, if done correctly they can look amazing. At the end of the day it's all about wearing something flattering and stylish that will not only make you feel comfortable, but will catch the eyes of other's.
While spring is the perfect time to go out on a few dates, I figured why not combine the two and create three date-fits perfect for both day and night incorporating the striped trend. Keep scrolling to check out the three looks below and get some stripes in your wardrobe while you're at it.

Date Look #1:

This look is as casual as it's going to get. Perfect for a brunch date or a dinner date. The denim adds a casual appeal while the overcoat and heeled mules add a bit of pizazz.

Date Look #2:

This look is a step above from the first look screaming 70's all the way from the jumpsuit to the heeled clogs. You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit and that's a fashion rule.

Date Look #3:

The third look and the fanciest look of the bunch. This look is for when you want to give serious Breakfast at Tiffany's realness with a pop of color.

What date look would you most likely choose?

Are you feeling the striped trend for the spring?
And not too much color but just enough to pop.@jordanhamilton, @humairaa
I always love stripes! Even though all of them look quite similar but i just cant stop buying them XD , I love look 1 and look 2
Definitely an amazing look when you want to get all dressed up 😊 @humairaa
look 3 😻
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