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So I've been talking to @danidee, the supreme game innovator of the Funny Community, about some word games we have been playing over there for the last month or so. We have played games involving 7-letter words, famous names, and now song titles. The challenge for the community was to see how many we could get in a set amount of time, and the total was BIG (something like over 350 or so in a week?)

So I was thinking ... "Hey I'll bet we could do this in the K-Drama Community!"


The rules are simple, but that doesn't mean the game will be easy (bwahahaha!)
Here's how we'll play:
The first person (me) will give you a drama name. Names can include K Drama, J Drama, T Drama or movies. The next person can then use any first letter from the name of that drama to do the next one.
An example would be if I said "I Hear Your Voice" - Using the first letter of all those words there are four (or more) possible answers: (You only need to give ONE answer at a time)
I am Legend OR
Haeundae Lovers OR
You’re Beautiful OR
Vampire Prosecutor
Put your answer in the comment, and then the next person will use your answer to give the next drama name.

Not too complex right!?

Then let's get started and see how many names we can get!! We'll have this round for about a week - and then if we do really well - I'll up the challenge a bit (hehehe...)

The first drama name is "You're Beautiful:

Okay.... GO!

Trying to give everyone the opportunity to play: (note if you want taken off or added to this tag list let me know in the comments)
(Credit to the owners of all images used in this card)
@JamiMilsap you should... I think it would cool
GOOD JOB EVERYONE!! WE GOT 96 IN A WEEK - THAT'S PRETTY GOOD! I was thinking of a second round with a different twist, but since everyone stopped answering, looks like we've had enough - hahaha!
Secretly Greatly
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Six Flying Dragons
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