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There were many prophets at biblical Israel, many more than the about a score that are mentioned in the Bible. Prophets at that time were very much like today's journalists or publicists. Some were good and some were bad, some were just telling people what they wanted to hear, but others had sharp moral instincts and the ability to understand what was so wrong with the society they were living in. Today, when we read the prophecies of Elijah, Amos, Jeremiah and their like, we understand them according to our modern morality, but that may substantially distort the original meaning of their words and the ingenuity of their psychological and social insights. Perhaps the best example for that, has to do with sexual mortality. Using sexual morality as an allegory to the general moral state of society, is very common in the rhetoric of biblical prophets. A very famous example is from Isaiah 1: "How is the faithful city become a harlot! She that was full of justice, righteousness lodged in her, but now murderers." In a way way that is typical to this rhetoric, Isaiah is drawing an analogy between prostitution to loss of righteousness and personal security. It's a sharp observation that goes way beyond our modern Judeo-Christian concepts of sexual prudence as a ( somewhat hypocrite, I must say ) emblem of piousness. Isaiah did not speak to a bunch of pious hermits, but to the vibrant, complex society of Jerusalem of his time. He was making a rather general observation about rape culture. One that is very much relevant to our modern culture too. The Hebrew word for rape, literally means forcing, and is some times used in this sense. It is not uncommon in Hebrew to say to someone who seem to ignore the facts, that he is "raping the truth", and while that may seem somewhat awkward in English, it is exactly what the prophets were talking about. Let me put it for you in modern English ( and with less pathos ): Every time a politician lie to you, that's rape culture. Every commercial in television that manipulates you into buying something you don't really need, that's rape culture. And it goes on and on, and its perhaps the greatest historical irony that in an age in which we know so much, in which we mapped the human genome and are able to detect gravity waves, the truth is constantly raped. And if you feel that something is so wrong and you can't really tell what, then know that this is it. There is only so much of this abuse your brain can take. Eventually you end up so confused that they can do anything they want to you, and not only that you will not resist, but also start thinking that this is the only way things work. And then maybe you will start doing it to others because you persuaded yourself that "kill or be killed" is the only game in town. But you can stop this. You can speak out and say that you can't accept that. You can stop being an idle victim. Just stop and think how you build a positive consent based based relation with the truth.