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Hello gamers and political activists!

The race for the presidency is heating up as we get closer and closer to November and crowning a new president of the United States. I was doing a little thinking about the current republican front runner Donald Drumpf (that's what I shall refer to him from now on). I thought about his ideals and positions on immigration and thoughts on religion. His whole stand of "making America great again" reminds me of someone; a certain video game antagonist that likes to separate the races and claim the whites (but not the Irish) as superior. Someone else who would probably date his daughter if she wasn't. You've see the title I'm of course talking about Comstock from the game Bioshock Infinite.
Now I love Bioshock and I especially love Bioshock Infinite. The antagonist of the game, one Zachary H. Comstock is the perfect villain; being a white supremacist who sent his city, Columbia, to the sky and separated the backs from the whites and all non Christian white people were treated as second class citizens.
This might seem like an extreme comparison given that Mr. Drumpf has never suggested segregation; but don't you think with his comments about Mexicans and Muslims that's it's only a matter of time? Love him or hate him (guess which side I'm on) you have to admit the similarities are there. Hell if Donald grew out his beard and slicked his hair back he would even look like Comstock. If he doesn't get his way this election I wouldn't be surprised if he took the District of Columbia and brought it to the sky; then him and all of his followers can live in the sky together and maybe we can have some peace here in America.

What do you all think? Am I way off base here? Is Donald Drumpf, Zachary Comstock?

Let me know in the comments and let's try to have a civil debate, yeah? Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
lmao XD this is so accurate. Someone should make a mod that replaces Comstock with Trump
@InVinsybll right!! I feel like with donations and his own money he'd be able to as well
lmao I love this. Drumpf definitely strikes me as the kind of guy who would create a flying city to separate from he US
Hahaha, great card! XD
@KyleBerke oh man I would play that game
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