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Let me take you to school right quick.

Black History month has bid adieu, but if you don't know who the late, great, Madame C.J. Walker was -- allow me to hip you right quick. Miss Walker is the lady who paved the way for every African American sista's edges who has opted to get her hair fried, dyed and laid to the side every month or so.
She is the great grandmother of the hot comb. While she wasn't the one who patented the product, she did widen the teeth so that it was able to grab a hold and straighten all hair types.
With this being said, Madame C.J. Walker went on to become the first black woman millionaire in America. Almost one century since her death and the cut off of her amazing hair products, they are now back on the shelves and ready to be purchased.
The products are launched by Sundial Brands [known for their lines including Shea Moisture] can only be purchased at Sephora locations and online. The line consists of 25 products and unfortunately, won't be available at your local drugstore. So, what are you waiting for? Today is the day, run over to Sephora while you have the chance.

Will you be investing?

Thanks!! It looked like they had great curly and natural hair products too 😁 I was impressed they carried their products at CVS!'
yes! shea moisture has some amazing products!!! I'm glad you're enjoying it :) @AlloBaber
Cool! Coincidentally just bought Shea Moisture shampoo yesterday and so far, I'm loving it!! 😍
Of course, no problem!! And yes, they have definitely branched out. They're at target and Walmart now too πŸ€— @AlloBaber