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I've contemplated the idea of becoming a therapist.

You know like a love guru. Most people refer to them as a counselor. I've noticed lately that a lot of people have been reaching out to me with relationship advice on several different social media platforms. As much as I'm flattered, in a way it's eye opening to me that people ask me of all people for advice when half the time -- I can barely even choose what fruits I want to put in my smoothie.
I'm a complicated person, I've grown to realize that. I'm stubborn and I don't always make the best decisions, but on the flip side -- I'll admit, I give some pretty amazing advice. If only I could do the same when it comes to solving issues within myself, but I get that it's just not that easy.
A friend of mine randomly reached out about feeling like he would never find anyone for him. I mean, cmon that thought crosses my mind at least ten times per day [okay, maybe not that much], but we've all had that thought before.
I tried to give him the best advice possible, but I was hoping some of my Vingle love gurus could chime in a bit. Several voices are always better than one.

What advice would you give if you were in my shoes?

Go Love Guru! You did well. The thing is you have to know yourself and your pattern. If you like a certain type and you repeatedly choose that type. It only lasts for a brief time. Then you need to evaluate what you want in a mate. Men will usually have it to the breast/waist/hip measurement. Smart but not super brainy. Don't judge me plz. My experiences make me smdh. I'm not saying females aren't the same. My point is that needs and desires differ. They may not come in the traditional date. Don't look for the pattern. It's not working. Put feelers out for the missing piece to your puzzle. In the meantime mingle in places she might be.
Great advice!!! Getting a hobby is always a great idea! Keeps you busy and like you said keeps your mind off of things @VeronicaArtino
I like your advice but I would also encourage him to get a hobby and meet new people and try different things to get his mind off it so he isn't just busy with work but still putting himself out there with out putting himself out there by trying new things and mingling with people @jordanhamilton
That's some great advice. The thing is people rush into relationships because they don't want to be alone. God knows I've been friends with some awful people just to escape loneliness, but just like you said you have to be patient even though it's hard because the right people will come your way and you will learn to be happy on your own without depending on others too heavily which is something I've learned the hard way.
No problem @jordanhamilton and thanks for being a good friend!
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