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I've contemplated the idea of becoming a therapist.

You know like a love guru. Most people refer to them as a counselor. I've noticed lately that a lot of people have been reaching out to me with relationship advice on several different social media platforms. As much as I'm flattered, in a way it's eye opening to me that people ask me of all people for advice when half the time -- I can barely even choose what fruits I want to put in my smoothie.
I'm a complicated person, I've grown to realize that. I'm stubborn and I don't always make the best decisions, but on the flip side -- I'll admit, I give some pretty amazing advice. If only I could do the same when it comes to solving issues within myself, but I get that it's just not that easy.
A friend of mine randomly reached out about feeling like he would never find anyone for him. I mean, cmon that thought crosses my mind at least ten times per day [okay, maybe not that much], but we've all had that thought before.
I tried to give him the best advice possible, but I was hoping some of my Vingle love gurus could chime in a bit. Several voices are always better than one.

What advice would you give if you were in my shoes?

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@Sukii thanks so much!!! I'm glad you agree.
Theyll find me lol @jordanhamilton. It just seems like there's not really anyone like that these days. Not trying to put negativity in the atmosphere. Just wondering what situation would put someone like that in your path.
I feel like it all has to do with timing at the end of the day. It's in our nature as humans to rush things. I feel like the moment we stop thinking about something, it will manifest @keith2web
You're very right. I guess that's why they say, when you finally have someone, all kinds of people pop up out of the blue. We gather all of that positive energy and thoughts towards what we want, then rush into what we think is what we want. What we really want pops up because we stopped thinking about it. Yeah, patience is the key.
patience is always key! if we could all learn the art of patience, I wouldn't be surprised if cupid would shoot all of us with his love bow & arrow @keith2web