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All you gotta do is say yes, word to Floetry.

[Disclaimer: this card is not focused on just one specific topic]
But sometimes saying yes comes with baggage too heavy to carry. 'Bag lady, you gon' hurt your back carrying all those bags like that' -- word to Erykah. As easy as it may seem to say yes, sometimes saying no is much easier. As difficult as it seems, when you allow yourself to say no for whatever the reason may be you are putting yourself in authority and taking control over your life.
Sometimes we feel pressured into saying yes -- not because we want to, but because we don't want to hurt feelings or break any bonds that may have been created overtime.
Believe it or not, nobody likes a 'yes man'. A person will respect you so much more for saying no and sticking to your guts than they will for saying yes on behalf of their satisfaction, but what happens when the respect is lost? Does that result in a loss for you or a loss for them? Technically, it's their loss because they weren't able to realize how strong of a person you truly were for refusing to do something.
While part of you wanted to say yes so bad, you know deep down in your heart that saying yes would only result in a no later on down the road.
Don't play yourself,
be honest with yourself and make the best decision for you.

Do you think telling someone no is easier than telling someone yes?

I don't know that it's easier to say no. but when it needs to be said, I say it.
Exactly!!! We have to look out for our best interest at the end of the day @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton I agree. No matter how difficult it can be to say no, we have to say it because if anything does happen to us due to stress, we have to take care of ourselves. The people giving us the work won't take care of us and that's why we have to pull out and say no.
Yes! Stress can definitely play a part, but at the end of the day when no is needed to be said we should def try our best to say it @MyAffairWith
I think that we all need to learn to no and find that happy medium between yes and no. I feel saying no when we already have so much to do on plates at work is important because it's stressful to do it all.
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