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I've been hearing more and more about the Japanese Anime and Game franchise Yokai Watch. I feel like for the past year or so, it must have been gaining more traction in the US markets. I really don't know all that much about the whole thing. From what I gather, it's kind of similar to Pokemon or Digimon, where young people with special watches go around befriending and battling cheery, colorful little monsters called Yokai.
It's very bright and happy-looking, and it strikes me as the same kind of cute JRPG that we've come to love from Nintendo.
In any case, during a Nintendo Direct UK announcement, Satoru Shibata, the president of Nintendo Europe showed off his awesome dancing skills by bouncing along to the Yokai Watch dance, which is apparently a thing.
That is a grown man and president of a branch of one of the largest companies in the world, and moreover one of the largest producer of video games all over the world.
What I love most about this, aside from the pure joy of seeing a grown man dancing along witch colorful little kid characters and creatures, is that it shows that Shibata isn't one of those execs who can't let loose.
Nintendo is actually pretty great at this stuff - the execs generally appear to have this boundless enthusiasm for their work, and it translates in their announcements and their energy with their games.
Regardless, the most important take-away here is that Satoru Shibata is an awesome dude with some awesome grooves.
I was surprised to see this show up on Disney junior. All I could think was "it's literally singing 'demon watch' to little kids." lol
@superjkob that would be the dream
Wow, so cool! He's got great dancing skills too~ lol
I want a boss like that xD