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Spring is near, which means boho is in the air. While boho is in the air, it's a great time to incorporate a few boho inspired hairstyles into your daily regime. The best part about these hairstyles are that they are easy as a piece of cake to recreate. I mean isn't that what we all look for when it comes to hair? Something easy and stylish. If you happen to love boho and want to switch your look up a bit for the spring, keep scrolling to check out these easy boho hairstyles below.

Which boho inspired hairstyle do you like the most?

lol you might be right!! @hikaymm
@jordanhamilton It migh tjust be a me thing to be honest hahaha
lol oh no!!! 😫 I had high hopes for that style haha @hikaymm
I always love how the really teased out braids or fishtail braids look on other,s but they just look totally ridiculous when I actually put them on my head lol