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You gonna say, you make my day, Cheers all way, It's gonna be all day.. I love you dearest, from dawn till dusk, each day, every time, you smile.. A smile that lights my day, The one that makes pain go away, Makes everyday cheerful, like its colourful, Now and then, then and now, we be together, not just now but forever.. Be Mine always, Be mine till the end of time, Be mine till we grow old, Be mine like never before, Let's go on an adventure, or create our own venture, Me and me Together , inseparable.. --Akash Dedicated to the rightnow unknown woman who will be Love of my life soon..;-) Just kidding..or am I?
ah... great 😯😯😯
so true @nicolejb
Awwwww I hope you give this to the future lady someday :D I think it's so sweet when couples exchange writing.
Ohh Thank you.. @jordanhamilton :-D
Lucky lady to have such a guy write nice poems about her! Very well said.
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