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I wasn't expecting him to call in the middle of the night, especially when he can't. I mean, he's in prison... right?. I don't understand, how did he get out without my help, did he escape or did he successfully bribed the guards to let him out?. If I'm correct, he has all of Mark's info and places to hide which i personally picked out for him. If it's true, if it's the man I'm thinking about then we have to leave NOW. I yelled at him over the phone and hung up the call. I packed both me and Mark's bags and called my brother to set me a private flight to another country, i don't care where it is as long as it's not here when HE is. Mark comes into the room with a confused and scared look in his eyes. "What are you doing?, why were you yelling?" "Your dad, your fucking dad escaped and we need to leave NOW." "How could he?!, what did he do to get out??!" "Look i don't know, all i want is you safe and away from him. I called my brother and he said that he sat a private flight to somewhere far away from here.... for the both of us." "You've gotta be kidding me". He said as he covered his face with his palm and left the room to grab what was left of his things. I know he's angry and frustrated. I know that maybe his dad will find a way to find us so when we get to the "place" we will change our phones. I really hope this works.
omg so much shyt they have gone through already and now this !! the suspense us killing me 😭
OMG!! Suspense again?!! this is pure torture you know that? right? lol
so. many. damn. CLIFFHANGERS!!!! WAEEEEEEEE!!! 😭
STOP DOING This to me!!! (TTATT)