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You know when the whole kale thing started and people were saying it's a 'super food.' Well, it isn't. Empanadas are the super food. Empanadas are powerful.

1) Add Whatever You Want In

Do you even know what a 'super food' is? Empanadas make kale super lame. The fuckin' awesome thing about empanadas is that you can stuff 'em with whatever you want. Want it vegetarian? DONE. Want kale in it? DONE.

2) It Produces Happiness

It has been scientifically proven that empanadas produces extreme happiness. Feeling sad? Depressed? Feeling like something is missing from your life? Eat a empanada. It's like Vics, but it actually works.

3) It's an instant hangover cure

Bread is basic. Empanadas sometimes have chicken and cheese, you guys. CHICKEN AND CHEESE.
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@CaitlynXD also they go by different pastellilos
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@alywoah Oh cool! Now I want it O_O.
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@CaitlynXD haha they are delicious!!!
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