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What to do with Trolls! Reporting & Deleting Comments

Don't go the Deadpool route please!

While we all admire the Merc with the Mouth, there are actually a few ways to deal with jerks and trolls. Thankfully Vingle isn't really like that, and usually they get bored of us really quickly because we're just too cool. But there are a few ways to make the process quicker.

Deleting comments

Do this if someone is leaving spammy or hurtful comments on your cards.
You can only delete comments on your cards, not other peoples. I think that's because when you share something, you're kind of like the moderator for your card. You lead the conversation. So if someone is leaving spammy links, starting fights with people, or saying hurtful things, you have the power to maintain that space by deleting comments and blocking abusive people from commenting again. Use it wisely! Vingle is a place where people should feel welcome to disagree, but that shouldn't come at the cost of forcing you to feel like you can't share. People can always make their own cards if they have something they need to say.

The Marvel community guideline is: We can disagree and argue, but we do not attack each other. You can say Fantastic Four is a shitty movie, but you can't call someone a shitty person. It's not welcome here.

Reporting Comments

Do this if you see someone being abusive in the community.
If you see someone leaving spammy links or violating the safety of other Vinglers, you can report those comments. Just hold your finger down on the comment and the above screen will pop up (you won't have the option to block or delete the comment if it is on a card you didn't write). Vingle handles these reports, not the mod team. So reports should only be for violations of Vingle's rules.

Don't use this to harass people you don't like. It should only be for reporting abuse, not opinions. Our differences are what makes us interesting. Only report comments that are porny, spammy, or threatening to the safety of our communities.

Block. Block. Block.

Do this if someone is harassing you.
If a user is ruining your day, take them out of your life. Go to their profile and click the (...) button. Their cards can be hidden from your feed, they won't be able to message you or comment on your cards.

Trolls want your time and energy and attention. They want to pull you into a pointless fight. They want to drag you down and make your day as crappy as their boring, unproductive lives are. I say: They don't deserve you. Use these tools to keep the tools out of your life.

Don't do this ^^^

We can all lead by example and show people how to Vingle! Having respectful conversations and sharing ideas will set the tone for how we do things here. We're not fighters, we're lovers. So the next time someone shows up looking for a fight all we have to do is show them they'll have to look elsewhere :)
@shannonl5 thanks. i knew how to do it, i was just confused as to wtf i saw for the pics up there
Well this is helpful! @shannonl5 Thanks for taking the time to explain it!
vingle is a place i havent seen many trolls or haters and if i do they are few and far between thats what i like about this place the marvel and anime community's have been so nice
wish i could delete facebook spoilers
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