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Special Edition 3DS Made to Look Like a SNES Makes Me Wish I Could Have One
In today's issue of "things that Japan will get that the West won't get" we have a Super Nintendo (Super Famicom, actually) themed 3DS. It's probably one of the coolest special edition 3DS's I've seen and I totally wish that this was coming stateside sometime soon.
I will say, though, I'm totally crossing my fingers that a version of this 3DS eventually has a Western version. It doesn't seem that hard to switch around the names a little bit in order for to make sense to Western audiences. But I don't know, those chances seem pretty slim.

What do you guys think of this special edition 3DS?

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@paulisadroid YOU CAD, YOU.
2 years ago·Reply
I want this! Might as well move to Japan to get all these cool Japan-only things!
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@poojas I don't understand why they always make "Japan only"? Won't they get more money if they expand the market say, the whole world?
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