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Funny Introvert Comics!
Sooo true!!!!
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@annamolly spoken like a true introvert experience! it definitely needs a comic version. hey stick people will do lo!!!
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@annamolly I'm assuming you were the accepting one? I have to say I've never met a competitive fellow introvert. I'm curious how'd that play out?
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@2Distracted I admit, there have been times I almost got drawn into it. Like, at a comic book convention, he kept saying how he wished he were more outgoing "like me", but if it were a gun convention or even just hanging with his friends, I know he would have been dragging me around and I would have shut down, but I didn't say that. It's running it's course, though...I suppose.
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@2Distracted But that's an idea! I might make a stick figure cartoon!
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@annamolly that really almost sounds like a person who isn't an introvert who really wants to identify as one and be seen as one. very odd. That's the first I've heard of that scenario. well I guess that's really a huge compliment that us introverts are so awesome that that guy felt threatened by it and got competitive cuz he was jealous lol!!! You must attempt a comic on that one as it would be a unique aspect of the introvert experience!
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