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It's one thing if a bunch of fans complain to EA about Star Wars Battlefront lacking a single-player campaign. But it's a completely different thing when John Boyega, also known as Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, starts asking about a single-player campaign in the game.
You can check out his tweets to EA below...
It's no surprise that SW: Battlefront is lacking in some certain areas and even though they have the "Missions" portion of the game that acts as the "single-player" portion, it's still lacking in a real "offline story mode" (to quote John Boyega).
I'm unsure if this will do anything to change the current game that's out. But it might result in the future games in the Battlefront series including a single-player experience. And if the sequel to the game has any kind of developed storyline, I think we should all run to Twitter and thank John Boyega for tweeting EA.