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Hey Nakama!

In honor of the new Yu Yu Hakusho community, I wanted to make a new, piping-hot Versus Battle featuring the star of the anime. I thought about who'd make a good match for everyone's favortie spirit detective, and I ultimately landed on another intense young man with green highlights.
So here's a fight to consider:

Gon Freecss vs Yusuke Urameshi

Gon Freecss

Gon has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. At the beginning of the series he had a fishing rod that he could swing with baffling accuracy, even managing to catch Hisoka's tag from afar while the latter was moving at high speed. The fishing rod can also be used as an offensive weapon if the situation ask for it. During the Hunter Exam, Gon was often praised for his powers of observation, agility and stamina. In battle, he think so quickly for an alternative solutions and strategies. His most remarkable quality, however, is the uncanny, bottomless potential he is gifted with. Many powerful characters such as Hisoka Wing, Biscuit and Razor were left astounded when they grasped the full extent of Gon's talent, which is often described as being limitless. This allows him to learn extremely quickly, and that is true especially in the field of Nen, with an aptitude like his being very rare. Even prior to learning it, he managed to use Zetsu on one occasion. His transformation during his fight against Neferpitou serves as proof that, if he trained endlessly for several years, he could even match Meruem in terms of power. However, it is unknown what kind and regimen of training he'd need to go through to reach that stage.

Special Move: Jajanken

Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke has shown feats of stamina and endurance beyond that of a human multiple times, and after his Mazoku rebirth he displayed an even higher level of stamina. His most notable is where he is shown running for 3-5 days straight at high speeds along side Hokushin and Touou, while the two monks are exhausted Yusuke is fine, he went to fight Raizen afterwards. Another notable example is Yusuke's fight against Yomi, which lasted for around 60 hours - this is mentioned by Yusuke in the 170th chapter of the manga. While not present at the start of the anime/manga, Yusuke is clearly stronger than all of his peers and most adults. At age 14, he was shown as strong enough to hurt Goki in his human form, later he is shown to be strong enough to create a sharp 'wind blade' by just using his full strengh in a punch. During the Chapter Black arc, Yusukes punch at 1/3 strength was capable to knocking out amateur boxer Moruta with merely it's shock wave.

Special Move: The Spirit Gun / Demon Gun

Alright Nakama! Tell us who you think would win in the comments, and really make your case!

Which of these supernaturally talented green-clad heroes takes the win?

What @tbell2 said. It's funny seeing the similar style of these two animes like how Feitan and Killua are like Hiei and Leorio resembles Kuwabara. I love it. But this fight is a hard choice so I'll go with Yusuke. Gon has that amazing potential and already has an incredible skillset, but I think Yusuke might have him beat.
Yusuke!!! (: But The fact that Yoshihiro Togashi's (mangaka of YYH & HxH) two protagonists are going head-to-head is just a little funny to me XD
Yea yusuke dude became sort of a demon lord by the end of the series
Yusuke. He's badass
yusuke all the way . he has more experience and he always finds a way to win..
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