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Since I was so preoccupied with Nintendo Direct yesterday, I kind of forgotten all about other video games. So while I was being a weirdo and dreaming about Paper Mario, I totally forgot about Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
And they released two short videos that highlight combat and movement.


The video is only around a minute long but it gets the point across. I've got to say that everything looks a lot smoother than the first game. I also really like the design of each level they showed. Instead of sticking the the plain red and white color scheme of the first game, they added some variation to the world. It adds some much needed life to the game. But again, the movement looks fluid and cool, even though it'll probably take me a minute to get used to the game without getting a little motion sick. But I'm willing to take that chance.


Now, this video is the one that got me really excited. In the first game, the combat left me feeling like it was more of a half-measure instead of a full fledged part of the game. And one of the things that ruined the game for me was the gunplay that was involved. So I'm glad that they took out all the shooty bits and just tuned up the hand-to-hand fighting stuff. Either way, it looks really tight and I can't wait for this game to come out.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be available on May 24th, 2016.

This looks great! Looking forward to it~
Awsome can't wait to play this game
this looks awesome!