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Who wants to be a hero to us all?

Here's the situation: I've been trying to find a good live stream so that we can have a weekly movie night/party. I'm thinking old-school Marvel movies like Blade and The Punisher (especially to help us get hype for his cinematic return in Daredevil next week!). But there's a problem.... I think my computer is too old T_T

Truly a sad day.

I think my hard drive is feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the work stuff (ew) I have on there so it's not happy about going the extra mile right now. I'm hoping to get a new one soon but in the meantime it'd be awesome if someone took up the call and started our movie nights! Is there anyone out there that can do it?
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what site did the stream it on?
@CalebOrr I think it was ustream!
I don't know if I could that but I think I could stream it on YouTube
@CalebOrr oooh awesome that could totally work too!