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1. BigBang fan art.
How cute are these? Credits to all owners - I applaud you.
2. Vid of Daesung portraying a woman.
I mention/post this all the time. I also watch it all the time. He's so adorable in those braids!!!!
3. Least attractive pictures of each member.
Not hard. Except for Daesung (!!)
G-Dragon - Hated it! He's done a lot of weird things and I have accepted most. This just made him look horrible all around - hair, outfit...
T.O.P - He cannot (in my opinion) pull off the hair down thing. The only one who can really pull off a Caesar cut is Clooney and T.O.P added some kind of wave?
Seungri - Monster hair. Too short. Looked weird. Like he was wearing a piece of hair cap.
Taeyang - I do not feel the blonde hair on him all the time. Here he's doing that hash brown thing.
Daesung - I love this man, but not with green hair. Too Lucky Charms? Makes him look like a weird young boy. A weird LOST young boy.
4. 5 gifs of T.O.P eating.
5. Pic/vid/gif of any BB members with non-YG idols.
6. Pics of 3 items I would give to Seungri and why.
I would give him a King of Fucking Everything t-shirt because he is literally the king of fucking "everything", a fruit basket because I really don't think he eats that healthy with all that partying, and a Panda Monchichi doll because I know he enjoys Japanese things and it kinda looks like him.
7. Vid of BB giving an acceptance speech with English Subtitles.
Here's a little montage of their acceptance speeches from the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards. I chose it cuz I saw Daesung's cute face.
8. Pic/vid/gif of G-Dragon wearing designer clothes and pic/vid of clothes on the runway or in an ad.
I believe the first one is Saint Laurent and the other 2 are Raf Simons.
Pic 3 also includes another of G-Dragon's looks I find the least attractive (Haha).
9. Vid of a BB members house with interior.
Ok, here's an older one of Taeyang's house because Boss is in it. *insert sad face here.
10. Vid of BB dance practice (2).
Bang Bang Bang and Tonight. Does anyone else find it weird watching these?
11. BB reaction video of any kind. Explain my choice.
Here they are reacting to Taeyeon winning at MAMA. T.O.P looks like he doesn't care, then he's interested, then it looks like he's crying, then tired. Sorry that it is a fancam.
12. 5 Taeyang memes, and at least one cannot involve him being au natural.
Extra Credit
13. Guess @helixx's favorite BB subunit song.
I have no idea. But I chose GDxTOP Baby Good Night because the lyrics are sweet and I really can't imagine you putting lyrics from other songs on the wall. Or maybe you would? I'm not really good at the whole subunit thing but I think that GD would be part of it.
Runner up - GDxTaeyang Good Boy. I included the Japan Dome performance because it's such a good one.
I'm out! Thank you and Good evening. I'll be here all week!
I don't remember being tagged in this weeks scavenger hunt!!! I'm sad!
I love the fan pic... how TOP is able to hold up with all members... so cute
@KDSnKJH Hahaaa I think that's cute 😜. now please sweep that Taeyang-the-Minnesota off my brain, it is stuck in there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I agree w the least attractive pic block but u threw me a big surprise, I never seen DS in green hair!! 😱 and, live the Taeyang the Minnie meme, I just cracked up... πŸ˜‚
@khrystinalee She just put it up this morning... weird cuz u were the winner of the other one!!
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