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I've been listening to Owen's Breaking Away for the past couple of weeks because I can't help but feel an odd connection to the song. It perfectly describes a recent situation I've found myself in. It's that strange place between friend and person you hook up with. I don't know if I'd call it a "friends with benefits" kind of thing because neither of us know if we're benefitting from anything.
There's something amazing, strange, and scary about being in that middle ground. You aren't quite partners/lovers and you aren't just friends. There's something more there but you're unsure of how to talk about it. It's a confusing state to be in and the thought that you're in it only because it's easy and there when you need it always comes up.
Mike Kinsella's lyrics definitely cover this feeling... Even if he does it in a way that uses a pun.

Notable Lyrics:

Well, just between you and me, this thing between you and me might not be anything worth singing about. Or it might be just what I need, someone to take my mind off things at the end of a long day. Someone to take my pants off for me at the end of a long night. Either way, we're here.

We're two bicycles, ridden, too tired to know. Which one of us of us two was dumb enough to choose the other as a lover.

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Wow this is really good. This guy looks familiar though, is he in another band??