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So if you know about ikon you know Chanwoo didn't join the group until Mix and match era Everyone else had already been together for a while. I've seen so many people hating on this poor baby it's not even funny! It seriously upsets me knowing people think he hasn't proven his worth to some "fans" As a fan you don't just support one or two members you support the entire group yes they might not be your favorite, but it doesn't mean you hate someone just because they joined later.
Chanwoo is such a cutie! He is friends with Astro's Moonbin and they were both in Boys over flowers. Also Chanwoo was in heirs!
Chanwoo is the youngest in the group or 막내 Maknae when they were doing a hidden camera on him he did almost everything they had asked without much of a fight.
He is so cute and hardworking I don't see how people can hate on him! Please love chanwoo as much as the rest of Ikon he worked just as hard as they did to get where he is don't just love one member and exclude the rest!
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@obiterdictum I know exactly what you mean! When ever he got complemented in mix and match I felt so proud! Of course I will 😁
how can anyone possibly hate on this guy, the way I see it he completes iKON, I mean it won't be the same without him, +he's got a real amazing voice, Chanwoo saranghae, hwaiting!
@Sammie99522 high five! and lol don't tell me that's june in ur dp..
@obiterdictum It most certainly is June xD
I'm used with bob cut hairstyle June,, he looks hilarious with that wig...but he's kinda pretty with this long hair~