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Sorry it's late....again. There's a special guest in this chapter and I added a little JJ Project to it. The next chapter will be the last chapter to this story and it will also be like a prelude to my next story which is going to be a JJ Project story. Well I hope you enjoy this chapter. It's pretty long too so if you read all of it, thanks.
Jackson and Mark both look at the person staring at them. Mark's face turns beet red and pushed Jackson off. I thought I would just come by and see how the rookies were doing and I obviously interrupted something so I'm going to go back out there, the guy said in-between pauses. The guy hurries and runs out of the room. I can't believe we just got caught, Mark said in a panic. I know. Right when it was about to get good too, Jackson mumbled to himself. What do you thinks going to happen to us? What if we get split up and we are sent to different groups? What if Junior and JB kill us off for sneaking behind their backs? Mark started to have a panic attack. Calm down Mark, it'll be okay trust me, Jackson said in a calm voice. How can you be so calm? Mark asked. Meanwhile in the livingroom You look like you've seen a ghost Taecyeon, Junior said. Um. First off I wouldn't go in there if I were you and second I feel really bad for Mark, Taecyeon said with slight sarcasm. What are you talking about? Junior and JB said in unison as they got up to go in Mark and Jackson's room. I told you not to go in there, Taecyeon repeated. Jackson kept trying to calm Mark down then the door opened again. Junior and JB walk in and see Mark and Jackson both naked. Well, well, well, what do we got here? JB said Marks face turns even redder. I see you finally made the move Jackson, Junior asked. Yeah a while back actually, Jackson said with a smile. Mark looks at all of them confused. What? Mark managed to spit out. Don't worry you're not in trouble, Junior assured Mark. I told you everything would be okay, Jackson said. Mark sees Taecyeon in the background in the livingroom laughing. Wait! You all know about us? Mark asked. Since day one, Taecyeon managed to say after laughing. How? Mark asked. Well for one, when Jackson went to go introduce himself and the photoshoot, JB said. You don't hide your body language that well, Junior added. Also when Jackson walked back over to us he had a face of a predator so we knew it was gonna happen, JB said. You both went missing at the photoshoot and I could tell just by looking at the two of you that something happened, Junior laughed. Jackson also doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut, Taecyeon included. You've known that long! Mark yelled in disbelief. Wow he actually does talk, BamBam said walking pass them. Put your clothes on and come eat, Junior said as he threw their clothes at them and started to laugh. So Taecyeon, we never expected you to be the one to walk in on them, JB said. Well, we all knew what was going on between them so it didn't really shock me. I think it's funny how Mark reacted though, Taecyeon said. It was pretty cute, Junior added. Jackson and Mark walked out of their room. Jackson walks out like nothing happened and Mark has his head down trying to hide his face. You know it's not nice to hide your face in front of company, Junior said. Mark lifts his head up and before he could say sorry Jackson spoke. Isn't he adorable when he's blushing? Jackson asked as he gave Mark a back hug making Mark blush even more. Everyone starts to laugh. Can you please not do that? Mark asked. I could but you're just so nice to hug, Jackson said with a small laugh. Get a room you two, Yugyeum yelled. We have a room but someone made us come out of there, Jackson said as he looked at Junior. Did you want to starve? Junior asked. I wouldn't have starved. Mark was there, Jackson said with a smirk. Jackson! Mark and Junior yelled in unison. What? Jackson asked with a laugh causing Mark to elbow him in the stomach. You don't just say something like that in front of other people, Mark hissed. Oooh someone's in trouble, Taecyeon teased. You're lucky you're my hyung, Jackson threatened Taecyeon. Super lucky, Taecyeon teased. Everyone starts to laugh again. Hey Junior, can I talk to you for a minute? JB asked. Sure, what is it? Junior asked. Mark and Jackson had me thinking and, JB paused. And what? Junior asked. Can we like go into the room and talk. I don't want them to hear, JB said. Sure, Junior said kind of worried. I've been thinking, JB continued. Thinking about what? Is something wrong? Junior asked. JB slowly got closer to Junior and as he started to lean into Junior Jackson came busting through the door. There you are! Jackson yelled. Yeah what is it? JB asked trying not to look suspicious. Taecyeon left and we're about to go out and do something so our day isn't wasted away. I think we're going to the amusement park, Jackson told them. I think I'm just gonna stay home for the day. I'm kind of out of it, JB said. Oh okay, well what about you Junior? Jackson asked. Junior thought for a second. I should probably stay too and figure out what JB was trying to tell me. I think I'm gonna stay too, Junior replied. Okay whatever. Have fun being by yourselves, Jackson said. Jackson closed the door and left with the others to the amusement park. What's wrong JB? Junior continued. I wanted to tell you that, JB began to stutter. Tell me what? Junior asked. Before Junior knew it JB grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into a kiss.
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