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We all remember the "throw like a girl" video that went viral a while back. Well, Always is back with a new campaign, calling out a language that a lot of young girls speak: emoji.
But this video calls out something I actually didn't think about until now. Where are they girl emojis? They people doing activities emojis are all male. Aside from the face emojis, the only ones of girls are them flipping their hair or getting it cut.

Well Always asked girls to share what their girl emojis would look like!

What female emoji would you create??

n a female middle finger with red nail polish 👌
a pink poop emoji 😻
@annamolly @shannonl5 totally! I think they bring up a great message to ignite a "feeling" and this causes both brand awareness and positive thoughts about the product... are they really interesting in the issue? I dunno. But for now, it's bringing up a good message to talk about. I think as long as we recognize they are ads and can look at it critically, then we can benefit from it. Maybe there will be an initiative around this too? I'd love to sign a petition to send to the designers making emojis! @humairaa omg that would be the best thing!!
I think the #throwlikeagirl campaign made an impact, got people recognizing the stereotypes. However, the effects of such campaigns seem fleeting, so it's great that Always is reigniting this one. If we can keep people thinking about it, maybe we can see substantial change in our society.
I love the science girl emojis on Facebook messenger, but there's not enough of them and I can't use them anywhere else. We really do need a better selection of universal emojis with female images.
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