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Last night I was in search of a vegetarian restaurant near by for dinner. Luckily, I found a Chinese restaurant that's VEGAN! While skimming the menu, my eyes lingered around the vegan "beef broccoli."
When my food was placed in front of me, my fork dunked into the vegan tofu "meat" product. As I took a bite, I was like WOAH HOW IS THIS VEGAN WHAT IS GOING ON. I literally played around the tofu meat and I was impressed by its texture, color, and taste. I was freaking out because I couldn't understand how something that isn't meat, could taste so much like it.
I think it's going to be one my most frequent food places. The prices were reasonable, and it was nice to have so many vegan/vegetarian options that were also very healthy.
When my boyfriend and I walked out of the restaurant, the woman who had served us, asked if we were vegetarian. When I said "yes" she had the biggest smile I had ever seen. She was really happy that were supporting vegetarianism. I told her I'd definitely be back at the restaurant.
Tonight I am going to try to make Puerto Rican-style beef stew again, but this time i will make sure to not over cook the beefless tips, and only add them on top of the stew so it can keep its texture.
You guys, this vegetarian thing is getting pretty easy.
It was amazing. I am sure there a alot of places around u
hahaa do ittt!!! @Jazziejazz
your going to make have to Google what I got around me.
I'm going to have to look some up!
that sounds delicious! I wish I could find more vegan/veg friendly spots around my area. it always amazes me when you can barely tell the difference
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