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I've been going through 30 Rock on Netflix recently (it's one of my favorite shows) and I realized that ever since it started airing years ago, there has been one character who influenced me greatly. And that was:

Tracy Jordan

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I'm crazy and that Tracy Jordan is crazy. But if you really think about what he says, you'll realize he makes the perfect life coach. Oh you don't believe me? Well here are 5 reasons why Tracy Jordan is the perfect life coach (and why he should be yours).

1. He'll Make You Ponder The Intricacies of Human Life

I don't know if you know this. But Tracy Jordan is probably one of the greatest philosophers of our time. There are thoughts and questions that are out of the grasp of the normal human mind. Tracy thinks lightyears ahead of you ever will. It's amazing. So while you read the rest of this card I'm going to think about the consumption of birds.

2. He'll Help You Put Yourself Out There

Nothing's harder than making a friend (maybe algebra). But Tracy will inspire you to go out there, right on the street, and ask to make some friends. You're afraid of strangers you say? Well, everyone's a stranger until they're you're friend. Right?

3. He'll Make You Proud of Your Intelligence

There's something about our current state and culture that once you share a little bit of your intelligence, you're pretentious all of a sudden. And maybe people who use that word are just dumb dumbs that are upset that you're a smarty pants. But who cares? If you're smart? Be smart. If someone is talkin' dumb, teach 'em a lesson. Right, Tracy?

4. He'll Make You Realize Your Full Potential

Sometimes, you'll be sitting outside on a bench, eating an old sandwich, and then realize that maybe you should throw that sandwich out and find something better to do. And much like the pigeon in the gif above, don't you know you could fly? Don't you know that you're so much better than what you're doing 8 hours a day? Don't you know you aren't just numbers and grades and paychecks? Go fly, little bird. You beautiful being.

5. He'll Help You Appreciate Every Day of Your Life

I don't know what else to say about this. Living every week like it's Shark Week is so self-explanatory. You know the excitement on everyone's faces when it's Shark Week? Just have that all the time and your one-time ticket to the ride of life will be much more enjoyable.
@nicolejb I can neither confirm nor deny working on a TV show, that may or may not be named the real housewives of atlanta
I often find myself asking, "What Would Tracy Jordan Do?" and you know what? now I'm in a mansion!
Oh man this quotes are so good!! 30 Rock is also one of my favorites! :D though Liz Lemon is more of a personal life coach for me!
Do you also work on a TV sketch show @InVinsybll? Because if you have any actor openings... I'm pretty decent at improv!