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So, I'm a huge Divergent fan and was surprised how many are candor and dauntless. I'm about to give you a guide to surviving all the initiations in these factions. Amity- totally easy. If you are Amity, you have the easiest job ever. You are to be nothing but kind and thoughtful and happy and peaceful. Your job is to farm the land and live in harmony. nothing hard there, unless you can't avoid conflict. Abnegation- now this initiation is really impossible to fail. All you have to do is show that you're selfless. Don't screw that up. Even if you aren't selfless, ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL!!!! Candor-umm... this is a hard one. I would never choose this faction. Mainly because I keep secrets. Anyway, this faction believes telling the truth is key to peace. During this initiation, they put a serum in you and ask you a bunch of personal questions in front of an audience. Now, I don't know about you, but I'd rather stay away from that faction. The theory is that you will have no desire to lie again. But if you don't mind that, you're good to go. Dauntless- this is a huge one. Most of whom enter this faction are cruel and brutal. Especially the leaders. The first stage is physical; fighting your opponents with no padding. Then there are some dangers. Stage two is mental; they put a serum in you to put you in a simulation to face your worst nightmares. But hey, if you think you can face your fears, you should pass with flying colors. Erudite- Now this one is pretty simple. There are lots of people who are intelligent. And if you think you're smart enough to be Erudite, go for it. I'm afraid this is the end. Good luck with your factions. If you can, comment what your faction would be. Remember, faction before blood.
Erudite or Dauntless