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JOO JI HOON, why are you soooooooo hot hahahahaha
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Hahaha, don't worry, i was the same as you once i started a drama, i can watch whole day straight, but ofcause my parent wasnt very happy about it. and it bought my school makes down too because i always half sleep the next day. so i now only watch it when i am in holiday. :)
Goong is such a funny but it's also sad at the same time :( It's okay Joo Ji Hoon is so hot ;)
There's a second season aswell btw @divalycious but they had used different actors and actresses
@duck why did they change the cast for part 2 ... hmmm ... yeah this drama is very bittersweet ... n the lead actor is hot! ...
@divalycious i wouldnt know why they did that, i dont like it either. :/ this really sucks aye. and ofcause the lead actoe's hot ;))))) Muwhahahahaha.