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So my 3 year old daughter loves Ikon and is very much an Ikonic ( Proud mom moment!) Anyway we were shopping while her sister was at school I was joking around saying I should marry Yunhyeong ( her absolute favorite person in the world who she talks about 26/8) Then all the sudden she goes NO I SHIP YOU WITH JINHWAN AND JUNHOE YOU MARRY THEM NOT MY YUNHYEONG! ( yes she knows what a ship is because I was explaining it once to my sister and she overheard)
Needles to say I about died from laughter before going into the store because of my adorable daughter XD
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She sounds adorable! Good thing my bias is B.I, because if her bias were B.I I would give him up!!!!
@ElleHolley She got super happy and asked really she will do that for me? It was super cute she also said thank you. 😁
@MsLoyalHeart Awe, and it is adorable she gets so protective about him it's funny
@Sammie99522 tell her yes I will!!! us fangirls have to stick together!
Smart girl, knows to protect her bias from the likes of you, lol