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I got chills this so perfectly described me!!! I do seem to have FPD (Fake Person Disorder) radar from a mile away and cannot hardly even tolerate fleeting interactions with these kind of chamelions in human skin!
@2Distracted, I really do hope everything works out, for you and those kids. Hopefully they know that you are there for them if thet need you. Us INFJs have to stick together. 馃槉
I didn't know you were an INFJ!! :D I'm ENFJ
@2Distracted well said.
@MeenakshiSundar thanks. I have been continually making it clear that I have no intention of letting her go as a friend permanently cuz I believe we were meant to be in each others life. But no relationship is without their trials and right now this is ours and that just cuz there's a period of separation that has no bearing on my love for her! she knows when chips are down she can come to me and I will have open arms. thanks for your help with this. I sooooo appreciated it!
@2Distracted actually INFJ's are super egoistic individuals they have a huge tendency to attribute themselves to be the source of sorrow in their loved ones. You need to understand that you can worry for things which are under your control there are also some things which are out of your control like your friends joy and sorrow, even though you think you can prevent them you can't avoid them. As an INFJ it's always bound to have strained relationships.Always remember one thing we have the right to give any amount of love but we don't have the right to receive in return.But my advise would be always make yourself available for your dear ones when they need you.
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