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Who still remembers Yahoo? (everyone raises their hands)
Who still uses Yahoo? (unless you are using the Chinese e-conmerse giant Alibaba, which Yahoo has stake in, you probably didn't raise your hand)
So, basically: Yahoo hasn't been doing so great lately. And they've been playing with the idea of selling. They created a plan of what to keep and what to sell (hint: it's not the Alibaba). Until yesterday
Similar to when I can't choose between a burger or a salad at a restaurant, Yahoo really can't seem to make up their mind about selling or stay-- but unlike me, they don't know the difference between the healthiest option.
To go from "YES WE ARE SELLING" to "NO WAY" is a big step for CEO Marissa Mayer, and public is oh-so curious as to why the change of plans.

Is Yahoo healthier than we think? Or do they have a few new tricks up their sleeves that we aren't too sure of right now?