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The whole waiting thing piece.

Days would seem to be strutting down the stairs until that one very moment where one somehow automatically realizes he have reach a certain path in which hours spent dazed on activities killing time moving into a never stopping ticktoc that's when there goes a BAM! as you trip on that step facing the cold ground floor cement. Here's goes what they call the "journey of it all." Is it the climbing that few ladders then paying and descending into what Harry- Potter-has-on-his-forehead position 'til you reached the stop? Or is it finishing a book and wanting to have to feel somehow a bit aged? What actually is waiting and for what? What is what? The thing is you'll gonna have to be patient because this is a work in progress. You are the one to fill in all of this vagueness and words wouldn't be able to picture it- what is "what it is."