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Rare Pic Of Baby Born Still Encased In Amniotic Sac! Unreal!!!馃槻馃槅
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@Hellokittu I'm content with just looking at a pic! Lol
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It looks unreal! I wonder how the baby switched from getting oxygen by umbilical cord to using his own set of lungs to breathe.
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@Animaniafreak that was a good question that I didn't even know and I've had a baby so I was curious as you were when that did happen and what I found was Prior to birth the lungs are not used for breathing rather the placenta is used to carry oxygen and nutrients from the mother directly into the blood stream of the fetus. The lungs are at this point filled with amniotic fluid while in womb and still developing. then During birth chemicals are produced that cause the lungs to expel and absorb this amniotic fluid and the placenta is detached from the umbilicus.
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@2Distracted that's amazing! Thanks for looking it up :)
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@Animaniafreak no prob my brain grew a lil on that one!!!
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