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Hi all, I've been writing a series of cards in my MBTI and Me collection that give tips and ideas for how you can understand your personality. It can also help you understand how you are with others, and the personal dynamic you might have with them.
I've done cards about
How to Be a Good Friend to Your Personality Type
What Gifts for V-Day to Get for Each Personality Type
Relationship Dealbreakers for your Personality Type
And more..

But I need your help with ideas!!

For those that haven't taken the Meyer's Briggs Type-Indicator... The quiz is <<HERE>> Let me know what you get and I'll add you to the list!

What other topics should I do associated with MBTI and relationships??

Also, Any MBTI experts out there want to help me write more of these cards?!
Qualities in a partner based on personality type
I was thinking about maybe it would be itneresting to see a card about dating across different mbti types? like for sake oexample, I'm an extrovert while my parnter is an introvert. if you had thoughts on intra-mbti relationships that'd be cool!
Or how each MBTI show love/affection. Or how to get a specific MBTI 's attention.
Qualities you look for in a partner or how you are with a partner @jordanhamilton
Hmm so like I versus E, S vs N and so on... @InVinsybll ?
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