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A little bit after waking up, You look up to the dull ceiling and a hand rested on your collarbone. You slowly raise his hand up and slide it down to his neck. Trying not too wake him up, You sit up slowly as you loom at the ground. You sit your back facing him as you look at the wall. You had some deep thoughts going through your head, "What if Jackson leaves me for some other girl? What if he cheats on me? Will he be a jerk when we go to school? Does he love me? Can I say I love him?" Your thoughts and words had been interupted by the feeling of Jackson's arm wrapped around your waist line, Making you blush and smile like an idiot. You felt his strength pulling you back into his arms, Pulling you in closer to his body. You push him out of the way in disappointment. He lays near you as his head rests on your lap, Coressing your cheek as he speaks gruntingly, "Hey Baby, Are you mad at me?" Your eyes trail off into his eyes. You felt yourself fluster, "I...I'm not mad. I have no reason to be..." You look at his hand crawling up towards your neck as he gently pulls your head down a bit. He sits up as his lips touch against yours softly with closed eyes, Feeling butterflies. He pulls away with smiles and winks as he grips onto your hand. He asks you, "Do you love me?" You pause in the moment thinking about the memories you created with him, "Of course I love you Jackson, I love you and I care about you." He blushes in return as his thumb strokes across the center of your palm. He stands up as he doesn't let go of your hand. He forces your chin up and kisses your forehead softly, Making you smile widely. He squats down in front of you as he asks you, "How much do you love me?" "From a scale to 1-10, 100..." You said shyly. He smiles as he strokes your hair behind your ear. You look into his eyes as you blush a bit, "Why are you asking these questions?" He smirks as he sits next to you, Having your legs touch together embracingly, "Because I need to know how you feel about me, To see if we are compatable together." He pauses as he sighs out loudly, "I'm very paranoid about our relationship. Technically, Your my first real relationship; My first real girlfriend. I don't want to ruin my chances with you. I know I've been a jerk and an asshole to you but I'm painfully and truthfully sorry." You take a moment to breathe for a brief second. You ask, "Where is all of this coming from?" His eyes trail off from your eyes directly to the floor. He takes your hand as he doesn't blink, "It's coming from my heart, My mind. I keep myself busy with things to do, But everytime I pause, I still think of you...Since you've been around, I smile a lot more than I used too. You give me feeling I can't out into words. Meeting you was a fate, Becoming your friend was a choice, But falling in love with you was beyond my control. Your happiness is important to me that's why I want to be the main reason for it." You blush as you look down, "Well, How much do you love me?" He lifts your chin up as he whispers slightly, "If you ask how much I love you, I won't say anything." He pauses and continues as his fingers interwine with yours, "I'll just take your hand, fill the gaps between your fingers and hold on to you until all your doubts are gone." He has your eyes in a spell as you look at his lips coming towards yours, Making you fluster. His lips had made contact against yours, His lips had completed it's mission, The mission to give you butterflies and falling more in love. His hands tightly grip harder onto yours, Making you feel his force embracing. His lips slip away for a second as his eyes open slightly, Looking into yours. His lips push against yours and his eyes close tightly as his hand comes up and strokes your head, Verbally, He pulls away as he whispers, "These type of moments I love and cherish but my favorite moments are when I'm around you no matter what we are doing." You blush as you push him a bit softly, See what he does. Your hand pushes him back as you give him a big smirk. Trying not to burst into laughter, He pulls your wrist towards him, Catching you in his arms. You look into his eyes as your lips go cold. His eyes close slowly as his lips open and softly touches your neck. Passionately, He kisses your neck as his hand trails off your your wrist to the back of your left thigh. As he doesn't release his lips from yours, He pulls your leg up forcingly. His hand storkes down to the back of your knee as your left leg wraps around his circular formed waist. He immediately picks your other leg up as his hands hold onto your thighs. Forcingly, He strikes your back against the wall as he starts to suck on your neck and stroke your legs calmingly, Making you queezy. You heard him let out a little moan as you smile in relief. You felt his lips leave a trail of sucking and kisses from your neck down to the mid part of collarbone. You questioned him stuttering, "Jackson, What are--" You've been interupted by the loud noise of his grunt, "Baby~ Just Relax and watch." He picks you up and walks into the bedroom without letting his lips slip away. He shuts the door behind him with his foot as he lays you on the bed with your back touching the lumpy surface. He climbs on top of you as you have your fingers laced together behind his neck. He starts to kiss you passionately as his hands slide down to grip onto your hips. You thought to yourself, 'This is so fun, I'm loving this right now, I love his sweet stratergies.' Your thoughts were interupted by the feeling of vibration on your back. You reflexed as you smile and laugh loudly, Feeling tickled non-stop. "Stop tickling me Oppa!!" You yelled as you started to cry with laughter. He smiles as he reaches under your back, Only to pull out his phone as he laughs. He lets go of your hips and sits next to your laying body as he looks down. He picks the phone up to his ear as he says, "Hello?" You heard some voice speaking but it couldn't come out right. You lay there in embarrassment, 'Ughh~~ Oppa probably thinks I'm an idiot...' You thought to yourself. As he hangs up the phone, He looks over to you with a small smile, "Hey Babe, Did I make you uncomfortable?" He asked. Without a thought, You instantly answer, "No I was totally comfortable and honestly I was having fun until your phone tickled me.." He chuckles into his hand as he takes both of your hands. He sits in front of you as his eyes look down at your lips, He asks, "Where were we?" You chuckle as he leans in for a kiss. His hands touch the sides of your face as your hands touch his hips, Making your heart flutter in thought. He whispers into your ear between kisses, "I love you (Y/N), Can't you tell?" You pause to look at him with sexy settling eyes, "I can tell. I love you too, Jackson...Now shut up and just show me how much you love me.." You demanded without hesitation. He bites his lips seductively as he whispers, "Is that a challenge?" You nod yes as he dives in for the embracing kiss as you both cuddle together forever...
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