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It has been four days since I've started the challenge and it has been successful so far! I went to the gym every day this week, which means my entire body is currently very sore. I think I feel a little bit more committed as far as going to the gym is concerned.
I have been trying to get some kid of activity in, even if it's just a short cardio session.
Things I've Struggles With:
-I am still trying to get the routine going with working out. It's still a drag for me.
-Trying to get creative a the gym since my gym lacks in equipment
-Working out has been boring for me recently.
Things I've Done Great At:
- I've started calorie counting with my app (which helps a lot!) I am able to track my macros and see what I am really eating.
- I've been writing down exercises so I am not 'stuck' at the gym
-I've been pushing myself hard at the gym!
If anyone is interested in joining the challenge, you can check out THIS CARD.
There's still a lot of days left in the month of March to make it better! :P
Bored at the gym sounds like something I struggle with too, but mostly because I don't know what to do at the gym. But I think I might write a few things down too before I exercise, that's a good idea to have plan set!
It sounds like you're doing great, though!
Do you have someone that will go with you to work out? Maybe having someone to talk to and challenge you would help?
its cool that you are doing this but dont forget. muscles need 24-48 hours to heal after work outs. if you work out everyday it will start to hurt ur muscles not help them. i am majoring in health and fitness and if you push urself to hard at the gym you will start to harm yourself rather then create bigger stronger muscle fibers. just a warning. but its awesome to hear how dedicated and hard you are working and trying. keep up the good work
It is! Keeping a list of exercises or just having a plan in general helps the awkward moment of trying to figure out what I am going to do next at the gym. I would like to switch things up and do something else to keep active, but the gym will have to do for now! @nicolejb