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Today's Feel Good Friday (courtesy of @VoidX of course!) them is all about Fairy Tail, and what in Fairy Tail has made us feel the best, what moments do we highlight for ourselves as the greatest. I do really like Fairy Tail, so it's a good thought, to try and pin down one moment that I personally loved the most.
It's a toss up, really, but it probably comes down to a ~fairly~ recent moment. With that in mind, know that this card probably has SPOILERS for people who aren't caught up with FT.

Chapter 403 - Erza VS Kyouka

To me, this is the defining moment of Erza's sheer badassery. Badassery isn't event close to the right word for it, really. It's the indomitable nature of her spirit. Here she is, fighting one of the most torturously powerful foe she's encountered. She's blind and dead, her sense robbed from her. She's cursed to feel the harshest pain, where even the wind is cripplingly painful.
Doesn't mean anything. With everyone else around her down for the count and in pain, Erza manages to still rise up through it. Erza is truly Titania, in every sense of the word.
She goes on to defeat Kyouka, and the rest of Zeref's demons in Tartaros. And the stakes have only risen since, with Erza rising alongside them.
I haven't seen Fairy Tail ;-; and I don't plan to tbh XD
yea that's right
@DestinyGregory oh okay, so then none in particular as the 'best'
I like any awesome moments in the animes I watch is what I'm trying to say @invinsybll
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