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One more meme waiting to happen.

Donald Trump is at the forefront of everyone's mind probably because his comments are so shocking that you can't avoid him in the news. He's on the cover of multiple magazines, doing interviews for various television networks, and you can't go more than a few clicks from finding him on the Internet. TIME Magazine has recently rolled out their own way of user involvement in regards to their newest TIME cover.
Users are able to go to this link (provided below) and insert the captions found beneath the checked boxes on the cover. For Trump supporters, you can fill in the blanks with positive descriptive phrases or words. For Trump opposers, you can fill the blanks with commentary as ruthless or comedic as you want. Once a user clicks "Make My Trump Cover", the cover will take a moment to generate and change right before your eyes. You can even save the picture right off the screen!
Obviously this could create some very funny results but I think that's exactly what TIME is going for. The more people make posters of Trump, the more publicity it brings to their own magazine. It's a great trending method amidst Trumps very public rise to fame. Trump has successfully turned the presidential race into a spectacle that you commonly find in reality television. The only question is -- Will he be the next president?

Should Donald Trump be our next president?

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HELLLL NO !!!!!!