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(^Credit to KStyle News^) Snnnuper! Has comeback with their 2nd mini album 'Platonic Love' with a cool, loveable, & mature concept.
They have released a poster for 'Platonic Love' on their official account on Twitter. It show the boys in style with rollerskates on and a casual and cute look! ❀ Here is the link:  Check out @snuperofficial's Tweet:
(^Credit to Allkpop^) Β 'Platonic Love' 2nd mini album, along with the MV will be released online in March 8th and offline March 9th.
Here is one of the teasers where they are just introducing their self :)
Here is the MV teaser where they also introduced their self and show off some of their unique dance moves. The way the song sounds have this 80's retro type of feeling to it and a disco type MV. It shows that it's all about love and fun ❀
Snuper also released 'Platonic Love' 2nd Mini Album Preview of the 4 tracks that's on the album; but on the album it's a total of 6 tracks.
(^Credit to owner^) Just in case most of you have not heard of them, they are from the company WIDMAY Entertainment and they debuted November 16, 2015 with their 1st Mini Album 'Shall We'. Please love & support Snuper and please look forward to their 2nd Mini Album 'Platonic Love'.Β 
What do you guys think? :) -Happy Friday Friday gotta get down on a Friday lol ❀- Reporter Taemi @parktaemi