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I recently downloaded the Pip-Boy app on my phone out of curiosity. I never thought I'd ever use it but it looks like I was wrong. Every now and then, I find myself opening the app just to look at my items and stats. But it wasn't until recently where I realized that you could play those cool Holotape Games right on your phone with the app (as you can see above) Now the only Holotape Game I have is Grognak the Barbarian...
But it's still pretty fun to waste time playing. It's definitely and homage to RPGs from the past. And it's kind of awesome that Bethesda put this into their game since they're one of the biggest names in the role-playing game world. I haven't played too much of the game but if you have Fallout 4 and are willing to download the app you should definitely check it out. The only downside with playing these Holotape Games is that I haven't figured out how to save the game. But that's okay though. Mostly because I want to go back into Fallout 4 and try to find every Holotape Game and see which ones I can play on my phone.