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You wake up on the couch, unsure of how you got there and then remember falling asleep in Junsu’s arms. You look around to see if he is going to magically appear out of nowhere again; but even the laptop from gone. You escape to shower while the coast is clear.
You’ve made your mind up that you can’t stay here any longer. The question is, can you leave without one of the security guards stopping you. You reason with yourself that after they saw the note last night, they should agree that you need to leave. You carry your bag in and set it by the door as you head into the kitchen to grab your pills.
As you put them in your bag and turn around, Junsu is again standing there, this time with your suitcase. He doesn’t seem pleased and is looking at you with a raised eyebrow. You swallow and step forward to take it from him. He moves it out of your reach, takes the bag off your arm, turns around and takes them back into the guest room. You follow behind him, outraged that he would just take control. You had expected a problem from the security guards, you are not only shocked by his actions but thought that he had already left for the day.
You go to move past him and retrieve your bags when he grabs your arm and leads you back out to the couch.
“Why?” he begins, “Do you not feel safe here? Did that note come from here at the hotel?”
He sits down on the coffee table across from you and moves your face to look at him. “Tell me.”
“Flowers showed up at work yesterday.” You see him make a motion to the camera and then turn back to you.
“You consult? Correct?”
“Yes,” you mutter as the door opens and Joon-woo walks in, he sits facing you, next to you on the couch.
“He found her work,” he tells Joon-woo.
Joon-woo looks back at you, “I need to know who your contract is with, where it is, the hours they expect you to be there, and I’ll get everything else from them.”
You just nod, the numbness from last night is starting to settle in again. Joon-woo decides he isn’t finished, “Leaving right now would be incredibly stupid.”
Did he really just call you stupid?!? “Excuse me?” you respond with definite anger. “You read that note; I’m not going to be responsible for something happening to him!” You fold your arms across your chest and stare him down, “In his own words this has happened to him before; he doesn’t need it happening because of me!”
Junsu is staring between the two of you, you aren’t sure how many words he can understand but are pretty sure the glares between you and guard says it all. You hear him cough, and turn to see him try to cover a smile, what?!
He turns to Joon-woo, “You met your match.” Joon-woo rolls his eyes and turns back to you, “Being stubborn isn’t going to help right now.” He pulls the crumpled note, now in an evidence bag, out of his pocket and hands it over to you.
You left with him and didn’t return, are you now his whore? You can’t hide, I will find you both.
Reading it again does nothing to change your mind, it just re-enforces your need to leave. Fire starts to churn inside you, you want to scream but keep your silence. As your hands begin to tighten into fists again, Joon-woo grabs the bag back from you. He pulls a notepad and pen from his inside pocket, and hands them over to you.
“Information and I’ll go get started.” He turns to Junsu and speaks in rapid Korean. Junsu smiles over at you and nods. You hand the information back to Joon-woo wondering just what exactly there is to smile about in this situation. He gets up to leave, bows to Junsu, turns to you and comments, “It will be fine,” bows again and walks out the door.
Junsu touches your knee to get your attention back. “Just what is so funny?” you ask angrily.
“I’m sorry,” he begins, “not funny ha ha, funny to think.” He pauses trying to find the words in English, “He thinks with my little English that I can affect your decision.” He takes your hands in his, “You will stay? Please. You are safe here.”
The anger is gone now, replaced by hopelessness. “I’m sorry. You’re only trying to help, it isn’t your fault I stayed at your hotel. Now you have to deal with a mess.”
He squeezes your hands, “He has included me; there is more action to take now. All will be good.” He stands up, “You need to eat. All will look better after food,” he states and wanders off to the kitchen.
You sit in stunned silence, unsure what to do. You’d been living in a blissful cocoon the last several weeks since he transferred you up here. You’d felt so safe that you even made cookies, several times, for Joon-woo and Do-yun as a thank you. They checked on you every morning and every night after you returned from work.
They demanded that one of them take you on errands, no matter where that was. You wondered just how much they were getting paid; you had even joked about them not getting paid enough for how well they took care of you. They had looked up at you, each with a warm cookie in their mouth.
After Do-yun swallowed he held the cookie up, “This is payment. We are usually invisible to those we guard. You have been a nice distraction.” You had blushed, bowed, and hurried back to the apartment.
Your thoughts are interrupted by Junsu bringing plates of food to the table. Once you join him and started eating he strikes up a conversation.
“What should we do today?”
You look up in question, “We? I’m sure your schedule is packed. You don’t need to babysit me, I won’t leave.”
He just smiles, “I took the day off. I made calls while you were in shower; my manager is taking care of the rest. So… any ideas?”
Your fork full of food stops midway to your mouth, “Why are you here?”
You realize how rude that sounds after it comes out. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but didn’t you say you didn’t need the penthouse while I was here? I’m just confused.”
He puts his fork down, folds his hands together and rests his chin on them. “I said that,” he smiles then continues, “your new note changes that. Is better for both of us and guards, if they have fewer places to watch over. I will try not to annoy you.”
The food you were trying to swallow is suddenly stuck in your throat. You start to cough and laugh, then take a quick drink of water. “You’ll try not to ‘annoy’ me?!? I think that’s backwards.”
He shakes his head, picks up the plates and comments over his shoulder, “Not at all. A movie then? You pick, the remote is..” and he stops. He looks over his shoulder, shrugs, and then adds, “where ever you left it.”
Okay Vinglers - you get to pick your own Joon-woo and Do-yun. =]
I know it's too late, but I'm picking the second guy in the first and second row.
the guy in the middle of the first row and the guy in the blue background