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Who else is totally feeling this chic manicure that social media expert, Alex Michael May, is wearing!
Not only is the polish a terrific transition from Winter to Spring, the black line design is super hot, trending at the moment, and has that modern minimal vibe going on.
Tuck It In My Tux
Some other great Essie colors to consider too:
*Imported Bubbly
*Ballet Slippers
What do you gals think? Worth trying?
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I like this. I would do opposite colors, though. Black with, well, white stripes. Never been a big fan of nude nail polish. But it's so simple. I like simple. I might try this sometime soon.
I like the color but not the black line it just seems like it doesn't belong
Umm... No it's too simple for me. I need a pink, purple or blue something on them, just to liven it up a bit.
I like, its simple and classy
I would actually prefer bolder colors and more design. It's not bad tho, I would totally rock it!