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Brian, one half of popular Fly To The Sky, revealed details of suicide attempts in his past while appearing on SBS’ Good Morning. The singer spoke candidly about the loneliness he endured as a celebrity, stating: “Because I was pained and distressed while I was actively promoting as Fly to the Sky, I almost made the wrong decision,” he shared. “It was during the period when I was already a veteran in the industry. I got really lonely living the celebrity lifestyle and received a lot of stress living each day.” It got so bad, one day his thoughts of suicide turned into an attempt. “At the time, I was living with Hwanhee in an apartment located on the thirteenth floor. One day, I went out [to the balcony] and almost made the wrong choice. But Hwanhee stopped me. I’m still thankful even now for him being near me without fail during my hardest moments.” We’re glad to see things turned out alright for him and even more glad that he was brave enough to share his story and hopefully inspire others that are having thoughts of suicide to stay strong.
@cassandratomas7 np anytime :-) hun
@cassandratomas7 we all have those thoughts i did 2 but the facts that you r still alive nd living u play a huge part in this world for smone in smone live dont give up sm one might be looking up 2 u looking out 4 u we just dont tend to realize but they r always caring ones and our loves ones always thr 4 us :-)
Oh goodness! Luckily he had Hwanhee with him (though I think that he was being depressed got something to do with Hwanhee as well...). Brian please never ever think of doing this again!
its good dat in the end he did n't :-)