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Updated: March 4, 2016

Finally, the time has come to see the popularity ranking of the Big Bang members!!!!
The votes came from here and the rules are here as well:
I will still accept comments and I will update this card as long as I keep I keep getting comments. The ranking is based on comments I got from people saying who their bias is and these are the results.
*Some members had the same amount of comments so they are in the same place. I tried to keep it as fair as possible.*
Are you ready? Hold onto your bias because the fun is about to start!!!

1. Kwangmin

Jo Kwangmin

(4 votes)

2. Hyunseong

Shim Hyunseong

(2 votes)

3. Donghyun, Jeongmin. and Minwoo

Kim Donghyun, Lee Jeongmin, and No Minwoo

(1 vote)

4. Youngmin

Jo Youngmin

(0 votes)
I know some of you are probably really happy about the results (just like Kwangmin is in the first gif) and some of you not so much (like Youngmin in the second gif). But who cares who's more popular? You love your bias just the way they are! They'll always be number one in your hearts, and that's what matters!!
I'm actually pretty sad on the fact that not many people commented a bias for this ranking, and I think that's because not many people have heard their music before. They've been around for a quite awhile now, and they're so under appreciated. So if you happen across this card and haven't heard any of their stuff than please check out their songs! I put some links to some of their songs down below, but please, if you have the time then check out at least 2-3 videos or, if possible, all of them. Anyway, thank you so much for looking at this card and if you listen to their music, thank you so much more!!
1. I Yah by Boyfriend
2. Obsession by Boyfriend
3. Witch by Boyfriend
4. Janus by Boyfriend
5. Bounce by Boyfriend
6. Boyfriend by Boyfriend (If you're looking for more of a cutesier song)

If you have not commented who your bias is in this card or my other card then you still can!!!! Votes will still be accepted and the card will continue to be updated as long as I keep getting votes. The rules are as follows: You can only comment ONCE and only ONE member either on this card or my other card. You can't comment twice or more than one member and if you do your comment will not count.

Now go out there and get other Bestfriends to comment who their bias is if they have not already!!!! :D

Exo Popularity Ranking:

Bangtan Boys Popularity Ranking:

Big Bang Popularity Ranking:

If you are an EXO-L, ARMY, or a V.I.P and haven't commented on them go ahead and comment since I am still taking votes for both of them.

Next up will be a B.A.P Popularity Ranking so please keep an eye out for it if you are a Baby (fandom name). And if you want to make sure that you'll see these in the future please comment down below if you would like to be tagged.

Tagged everyone who commented on my previous card. If you commented on my previous card and I did not tag you then I am so sorry!!!! I didn't mean to leave anyone out!!!!
but i will vote Donghyun
lol ok. how can you guys not like the other twin. hello twins lol.
@CrookedShadow it is! Lol but if only they did a comeback soon /:
@JessAS Right!? I really wish people would listen to their stuff and such. They're really cool and funny and their music is just so different but interesting!
I know /: wish people got to know Boyfriend more because they really are great people! I love them all it's just Kwangmin is my ultimate bias!! (sunggyu is coming up pretty close)
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