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And that was the cue to stop crying.

Anyone's mom also says this???

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@YumiMiyazaki WHOA!!! You were one brave child or one confident in her ability to run fast child!!! My mom said this and it worked instantly!! She also used to say "Don't make ne pull this car over!" and the most irritating one that I now get the privledge to annoy my own daughter with when id whine to her " I'm hungry!“ "I'm thirsty!" etc shed say "Hi I'm mom nice to meet you hungry." 😬😡
ï say to lots of people "if your gonna blame me for something ï didnt do than ill go do it "
@seika469 there's some truth to that. lots of times if someone is accused of something over and over and over it does end up occurring
@seika469 lloll
@YumiMiyazaki ahhh yeah. when my mom used to say that, i definitely stop crying lol