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I never thought about a guys thighs until I found A.R.M.Y BTW I make these edits myself and I'm down for requests so I'll tag you if you just tell me which idol you would like me to edit
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ur preaching to the choir 馃槀
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Seriously, I feel you. Jithighs are life! @LemonLassie Sorry girl, apparently I'm trying to kill you tonight.
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omo I've been looking for this editing app for so long, what is it called? Or is it multiple apps?
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@4dalientae idk if it's the same app as everyone else's but I use sketch by Sony mobile communications
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omg these are forever on my phone!! @Helixx girl slow down!!! I died this morning already. I cant afford to keep dying. bills need to get paid 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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