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Original Card & Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90 Here we are with part 2. Doing this one a little differently than my last one. Going to try & follow the example my lovely niece @jessicaacosta90 was kind enough to make a card about. *smiles* *NOTE* The story is not mine, I asked the permission of the owner if I can upload her stories and change the group. She doesn't have a Vingle, which is another reason I asked her if I can share it with you all and thankfully she said yes! Story is from: RubyKpopFanGirl Where: Kpop App Another thing is, I added more to the story as well and tweaked it a bit so it can go along as a story and fit good. So not all the story it's hers and yes she knows. Words to Know: (Y/S/N)- Your Stage Name 'Pick your own Stage Name' ********************************************** Last part ended with You going downstairs to find out what the noise you heard was and while you were about to call the police, you remembered falling down to the ground. ********************************************** You groaned out loud in pain. Your head felt all foggy and you had a horrible, sick feeling in your stomach that made you want to throw up. You took a deep breath only to take in a wet concrete type of smell. You then sneezed loudly because of how irritated it made your nose. ' Where in the world am I?' You thought as you sat on the cold, hard ground. You looked around to see a steel door about a few yards away from you. You looked at it weirdly thinking, 'The Hell?' "Oh my God! Your sneeze was so cute!" "Ah!" You yell frightened. You quickly turned your head to the left where you heard the voice to see a guy. "Hello!" The man said cheerfully!
You just blinked at the young guy and looked at his face. His face and voice seemed familiar to you. Have you met him before? "Excuse me, sir, but have we met?" You asked quietly waiting for his answer. He was about to answer until the steel door that was three yards away from you opened. You tore you attention away from the guy and looked to the door to see another guy standing in the doorway. The guy at the doorway barely even glanced at you before he got (The Guy You Got above) out of the room quickly. You blinked blankly at the door confused before you decided to stand up only to tumble over on your side. You looked down at yourself to see that you had ropes tied around you ranging from your elbow to thigh. Feeling stupid, you realized that you had been tied up the whole time. You also realized that you couldn't feel the ropes because of how numb your body was. You struggled for a bit, only getting you in an awkward looking position. After some time you finally got yourself up into a sitting position again. Then you heard a song from behind the door being loudly played. You recognised it as (Joah- Jay Park). You sat there alone for about an hour and your booty hurt more than ever. You decided to lay down which was way easier than sitting up. Once you were laying down, you slowly rolled on your side and watched the door boredly. Finally - after what seemed like hours - the door opened and seven guys slipped in. You watched as one of them smiled widely at you and another seemed to be resisting his urge to run over to you to hug you
You looked at all of them and they looked so familiar to you.
You stared at him weirdly for a few moments until you spoke. "Who's (Reignbow High)?" You asked causing all their eyes to widen. You then watched as they started arguing with each other.
He whispered it to (The guy you get below)
He said: "Well it's not my fault! I'm the one who suggested drugging her! It was a better idea then knocking her out with a bat! He blamed (Whoever you get below)
He said "Me?! What was I doing wrong?! It's (Junhoe)'s fault for coming up with the idea!"
He said, "I didn't know it would've given her amnesia!" The guys continued to argue and play the blame game on each other while you lay there froze. 'Hit in the head? Amnesia?' You thought gulping. So you had lost your memory because of these guys, you thought looking at them feeling scared. Slowly, you inched away from them and tried to get out the door while they weren't looking. "Nu-uh!' One of the guys yelled coming towards you. You tried inching away faster but it was no use, you still got caught. The guy then reached down and picked you up bridal style.
"You're not leaving us." He said causing you to struggle against him.
U-uh... (Reignbow High), we were your best friends!" One of the boys quickly lied causing you to stop struggling. You narrowed your eyes at him. "Really...?" You said quietly. He and the others nodded. "If you guys really are my friends then..." You began to think of facts about you that you did remember which was your birthday, favorite genre of music and your favorite song. "When's my birthday?" You asked immediately getting an answer out of all of them. You nodded at they're answer. "Correct." You said. You then realized that you were still in one of the guys arms. "Could you put me down and untie me please?" You asked shyly causing 3 of the guys to aw.
The guy nodded before saying, "Okay, but don't try to inch away from us again." He said giving you a smile that seemed to be mixed with a smirk. "Yeah, yeah..." You mumbled looking down. "Wait," He stopped midway of setting you down on the ground and kept you in his arms. "We should all go to the living room." He said to both you and the other guys. They all, plus you, nodded and walked - well, you we're carried - into the living room. You stared in awe at the beautiful room.
The guy who had you in his arms then set you down on the couch and smiled. "So, what are the rest of the questions you have for us?" He asked causing you to smile lightly. "What's my favorite song?" You asked getting an answer out of (The guy you get below)
"(Window- G-Dragon)." He said calmly. You smiled and nodded knowing he was correct. After an hour you were convinced that these guys were indeed your best friends that you couldn't remember because of your amnesia. "It's getting late, better get to sleep. All of us." Said the guy who was called B.I. The rest of the guys and you nodded. As you walked to your new room you noticed something that you didn't notice before. If these guys were your best friends then why did they have to knock you out? Suddenly a sharp pain passed through your head and a sharp, quick image passed through your head. (☆) It was you going downstairs from your room with your weapon to find out what the noise you heard was. You heard footsteps which made you pull your phone out to call the police but the next image that you saw was you falling down to the floor. Red took over your vision and you almost would've fallen if it wasn't for the wall next to you. You put your hand on the wall and waited until you felt better again. 'What was that?' You thought. To Be Continued....
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