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Room(Soul)Mate Chapter 1 Today was my birthday and I was pretty excited at what I would do today. My umma was driving me home from school listening to some music happily. “Namjoonie” my umma called for me. “ Ne, Umma? “ I looked at her with a smile and she returned it with a strange smile I couldn't decipher. “ We - um” she clears her throat with a sad look on her face. I began to worry as she looked as if she was about to cry. “ Umma?” I slightly whispered at realizing that tears were reluctantly going down her face. “ We’re gonna go on a little… trip for awhile and we’ll celebrate there. Maybe Seoul sound like a nice place. ”she croaked. “ Waeyo? Is everything okay?”  I asked worried. It wasn't like her to cry out of nowhere. She was a cold city lady with a beautiful smile so it was strange. “ You’re old enough to know what's happening now Joonie….. Umma has gotten all of us in trouble.” She said wiping her tears. We stopped at a red light and she sighed a little looking at me "what is the problem? Maybe I can fix it. You know I’m pretty smart! I even help appa with his cases. “ I said trying to cheer her up. A small smile painted her face. She open her mouth but in a few seconds everything changed. * CAR SCEEECHES* * Crashes* “ Umma !? Umma!?” I called for her repeatedly.  She was bleeding from her head and was breathing a little heavily. “ Joonie shh~ Get down before they see you.” she coughed. “ What people? Who? Shouldn't we get help?” I cried. My face was burning as tears were slowly falling. I was scared and I didn't know what to do. “ T-they are  the people I’m in trouble with. * deep breath*  I’m gonna tell you this b-but make sure you tell your father also. I-i  might not make it but if you stay down here I-I’m sure you’ll be okay” she slightly shake with tears falling. I cried with her and scared of what she meant. “ They didn't hit us that hard. You can make it umma! “ I said. “ Joonie they're gonna kill me. My smart and beautiful baby *cough* listen to me well.” I cried harder but I tried listening to her. Her lips were moving but I couldn't hear a thing . I started to panic and scream for her but it was no use. My eyes widened as a dark shadow took her away . “ Umma! umma” I cried and cried but I was engulfed in darkness. Namjoon PoV “ Namjoon ! Namjoon! Get up now we gotta go now!” the urgency of my appa’s voice woke me up. I wiped the remaining tears in my eyes and looked at the man. “ Appa waegurae?” I noticed his strange contorted face and looked at where he was clenching. Blood was soaking the side of his shirt and his breath was heavy. Panic reached me and I was fully awake. “ Namjoon grab your phone and that bag by your door and follow me” he said pulling my covers with a wince. “ Appa are you okay? you’re bleeding! ” I asked while doing what he told me to. “ Just amazing ~ now c’mon lets go.” he said. “ You know the drill. Go get the car and meet me out front. Don't confront anyone unless you have to. Now go! I’ll handle the bastard up front.” he said passing me the keys. I nodded and went out back to the car. Luckily no one was out by the car so I drove to the front waiting for him. What was this? Like the 4 time this month? I sighed and waited a bit longer. * Crash !* Suddenly the door fell down to the ground with a body following it. Appa walked through kicking the man out his way. He looked at me with a goofy smile and walked to the door. I chuckled at the old man . He is such a show off I can’t even. “ Man I’m tired! I think I’m getting old.”  he chuckled getting into the car. “ For an ahjussi that’s injured you still have the strength to break stuff and using people to do it.” I chuckled shaking my head at the elder. “ Also.. Appa that’s the 4h door this month!” the old man looked at me with his famous blank face. “ Ya! Last time it was you.” he defended. I shook my head and drove out into the night. * Hotel a bit outside of Busan* “ You know this is against the law. I can’t keep ‘fixing’ you up like this Seong Won hyung.” Himchan hyung said to my appa. He was my appa’s best friend and he was a top medic at Seoul Yongsan hospital. There wasn't nothing he couldn't do and he always helped appa with his injuries. “ I know Channie but you know I can’t go to any hospital in this country without getting caught up. Ever since I took on the drug pin case they’ve been after me and Joonie. Once i close my eyes in hospital my eyes will be closed at the basement floor.” appa responded and winces as Min hyung stitched him up on his side. Sometimes I think they’re more than friends but that’s another story to tell at another time. “ Still my license can get suspended.  Also, what you gonna do now? Do they know Joonie’s gift?” “ They have suspicion but they don't know. I want to avoid that getting revealed or he’ll be even more in trouble. So that’s why i came up with this idea.” appa said looking to me. I was sitting on the bed while tiredly looking at the two on the other bed. “ What?” I asked. “ You gonna go back to Busan . I already took your stuff from our home at Seoul to your new house. You’re gonna be hiding out here for awhile.” I looked at him a bit confused.  I mean this isn't our first time getting attacked so why is he doing this now? What kind of trouble is this old man in? Plus, he is the one injured he should lay down for awhile not me. What if he- like umma- “ Namjoonie are you okay? You’re not hurt are you?” Himchan hyung came to me. “ I-I’m not hurt I’m just not okay with this. Appa, I’m old enough to take care of myself but you're injured. I think we should both lay low for awhile.” I said. “ I have to stay in Seoul and find out what’s going on. I can’t let bastards like that walk free. It’s my job and I need to do it. Just listen-” “ I always listen to you!  But this time I can’t-  what if like umma….” I  choked a little. “ Namjoon.”  I could hear the sadness in his voice. “ I-I’m sorry.” I apologized knowing he also still was caught up on umma’s death. I agree with Joonie, hyung. I don't want to lose you either. .. Maybe you should take a little break.” Himchan hyung said patting my back comfortingly. “ I promise I will rest for a week or two but I have to stay on this case. I won't put myself in a situation i know I can’t get out of. Plus, I have detective Park as my partner so I’m more than safe.” he said. Himchan hyung rolled his eyes at the mention of detective Park. I never understood why he dislike him so much Himchan hyung always knew best. “ Channie c’mon don't give me that look.” Appa chuckled as hyung pouted. “ I don't trust him and you know that. He’s a dirty cop and he will do something I know will hurt you.” “ I didn't know you could get jealous.  I know you’re a bit territorial but he’s just my partner and just so you know he’s not my type.” appa said it dead straight face. My tears dried up as I laughed at how cringey this was getting. “ How can a man say such nonsense with a straight face? “ Himchan hyung looked flustered. “ I love you too Channie.” Appa said still straight faced and Himchan hyung got more flustered to the point he was like a tomato. “ Shut up, pabo!  I don't like men and plus even if I did you wouldn’t be my type.” Appa walked over to me hyung and got really close to his face. I scooted over from the two avoiding the awkward moment. “ you sure?” Appa said a few inches away from his face. I could see  hyung gulp . I cleared my throat getting them to stop. “ I could like er leave. You two could er…” “ It’s not like that Joonie”  hyung said pushing my dad to the floor still embarrassed. “ Ow~  Anyways like I was saying Namjoon you gonna live in Busan for awhile. I enrolled you into a school here under the name Lee Seojoon. You must not tell anyone your identity or about your gift. If you could avoid as many ghost as you can for awhile. You will lay low over there for a school year and you can come back to Seoul if you do please.” I thought about it for awhile. I mean I guess a school year won't be too bad. I don't want to be away from him or Min hyung but I guess if he says so I should. “ Fine” I replied. “ Alright, the school is really great though. Detective Park suggested it to me and he knows the headmaster personally so you're in good hands. You’ll settle into their dorms tomorrow and you’ll officially start Monday.” he said and I nodded. “ Alright lets rest up!”  hyung said. I slept in the bed i was sitting on and Himchan hyung and appa slept on the same bed. *few minutes later* “ W-what are you doing?” “ I like to cuddle when I sleep with others.” I open my eyes and chuckled to myself. They are too much for me. “ How can a man be so touchy with another man in the same bed?”  hyung said. You could hear how flustered he was by the tone of his voice. “ were you hoping I touched you elsewhere?” Appa asked so nonchalantly. “ H-hyung~?” hyung sound like he was purring. My eyes widened. Are they really doing this right now? “ UM I can go get another room. “ I said. “ It’s not like that!” I heard a big bump and I looked to see my appa on the floor. “ Himchan you gotta stop pushing a patient on the floor. What kinda doctor are you?” Appa said rubbing his butt. “ I can’t deal with pervy patients “ he said and I chuckled falling asleep. * Next Day at the school* “ Nice to meet you Lee Seojoon-ssi.” the dorm leader bowed to me and I did the same. “Nice to meet you too sir. “ “you’re really handsome eh.  I think you’ll fit in soon so don't worry bout a thing and get comfortable.” “ Thank you. Where is my room?” I asked and he looked through his resident folder. “ Uh… This must be a mistake….” he said as his eyebrows itched together. “ what’s the problem ?”   “ For some reason they put you in the vacant room though I said there was another opened.” he said a bit confused. “ I swear there was another room open the other day.” “ I could take the vacant room. “ I suggested but his eyes widened. “ You don't want to go in there.” he looked as if he saw a ghost. “ Why not? “ I asked. “ It’s haunted.” I burst out laughing at the elder. Do people really still do these school ghost stories?  Even if there was a ghost I could help get rid of it. “ You must not let them know” appa’s voice echoed in my head.
“ I’m serious! Every student that goes to that room can’t stick it out longer than a week because of weird situations. Even a few died from a strange death. “ he said with fear in his eyes. I sighed a little. “ Well, I don't believe in those things so I’ll be fine. “ I said and he looked at me with weary eyes “ I mean if you want me too.” I nodded and he reluctantly gave me the key to the room. “ it’s on the the 3rd floor. Room 315” he said sighing.  I bowed and took the elevator. I walked to the room and saw that everything was already put up. It was a big room for it to be a school dorm. It had a kitchen with a nice sized island. A small living room with a Tv and a big coach with a smaller love seat. I walked further and there were two more doors down a hall. One was a bathroom and the other was a king sized room. For it to be a vacant room it sure did look nice. Like appa said all my stuff was already settled in the room. It had a big bed with a desk , a laptop, a walk in closet and a TV. I sat on the bed with a big sigh closing my eyes drifting off a little. Jackson Pov I took a little morning stroll through the school but got bored and started headed back to the dorm. “ Wassup dorm leader Jr.!” I said passing him and he shivered a little and looked around. “ Aish why did I get so cold ?” he said and I chuckled. “ i’mma go upstairs to my room. Let’s watch your dirty movies  together later!” I said and walked up to my room. I walked into my room “ Home sweet- human?” I looked at the male laying on my bed asleep.   When did they let someone come in here? Usually people avoid coming in here. I took a closer look at the male and saw his handsome face. He was slightly tanned,  with nice shaped lips, blondish pink hair, and wore a strange yet familiar hip-hop style of clothing. If I might say he was kinda hot. Of course not as sexy as me but he was still nice to the eyes. “ Ugh I cold.” he mumbled and rolled into the covers. “ It’s 12 in the afternoon wakey wakey human. “ I said waving my hands in his face. “ I had a long night let me sleep a little longer.” He can hear me? “ What 2 × 2 ?” “ Are you dumb ? 4 “ he said sighing rolling in my bed. The heavens must love me now. I have a hot guy rolling in my bed and he can probably hear me!!! This should be interesting.
Hey guys ! I hope you enjoy my first chapter!!! For some reason it took so long to write because I was too excited about what I wanted to do. Sadly, this chapter aint that great like I wanted but I hope you guy s stick with me until the plot thickens and we get some sexy ahjussi action and some beautiful NamSon. I hope I can post another chapter tomorrow but who knows cause man life hates me XD. ENJOY! @luna1171 @DeniseiaGardner @SaraHanna @KoreanDramaMaMa @UnnieCakesAli @VeronicaArtino @LenaBlackRose @PrettieeEmm @merryjayne13 @Ercurrent @JasminMartinez @tiffany1922 @JiminsJams4 @JaiiPanda @BridgetJara @Journ505 @KaylaStokes @Jinnyrod3 @Nadinerzz @JasmineWilliams @Kiyofugi @MaritessSison @MisaAmane
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