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Donald Trump followers are a rare breed.
They follow anything Trump related, with open eyes and an open heart. Sometimes, his statements can be clearly harmful and disrespectful, but as long as it aligns with their believes, who cares?
As the days go by, Donald's statements flirt more and more with racism. As the days go by, his following grows. In a sense, the last time we have seen something this in your face and dangerous was Hitler.
Recently I caught wind of a pretty wild video on Youtube of a man asking Trump fans the difference between Hitler quotes and Trump quotes, the results were scary.
SoFlo went out and read a pamphlet to Trump’s biggest fans, with Nazi rhetoric like “great liars are also great magicians” and “the more economic difficulties increase, the more immigration will be seen as a burden.” They went along with all of it.
Pretty wild, don't you think?
People like Trump and especially his followers makes me so ashamed of the U.S. and so sad as a human being.
The man who said that he supports Trump not Hitler. If Trump had said those things he would be fine. I just wanted to bang my head on the wall. The woman proved my point about money and celebrity was the basis of his growing support. You didn't see the suit and tie man because he was probably angry.
I really hope Trump doesn't win. But I heard he's going to let Hillary win. Which still sucks.
All of yours are immigration people according to the history, so why it come up with thought we're born here, why so hate the people...just I think you're same a man and just bad mind person make the bad things not because of immigration and refugee...just be nice and cool for all of us...